A New Project for Me

We do not have a handbell choir at the church where I now serve.  If you’ve been following my site, you know I have not posted any new hymn arrangements in over two years! And I do miss preparing those and sharing them.  So recently, I adopted the goal of getting back into arranging hymns for handbell choirs.  The plan is to prepare an arrangement for the Hymn of the Day as established in our hymnal, Lutheran Service Book.  (You can find a copy of the list at this site.)

We are currently in Year A of our Three Year Lectionary.  I intend to have my arrangement posted at least one month prior to when a given hymn is scheduled as Hymn of the Day; that should give your handbell group time to learn it.  As with my previous arrangements, I choose to only work with hymns that are in the public domain.  If the music is copyrighted for a given Hymn of the Day, I definitely will not prepare an arrangements.   When the arrangement has been prepared and posted, I will post information about.  So if you are following my blog, you will get a notice letting you know that hymn is now available.

Some of my previous arrangements will come up on the Hymn of the Day list.  As they do, I will post a note about that.  My new arrangements will be posted on www.scoreexchange.com.  This allows me to charge a small amount (I’ve decided on $5.00 per hymn) to raise some funds for our music ministry at Faith Lutheran here in Stephenville.  You will be able to make however many copies you need for your handbell choir.

Thanks for your past support of my ministry.  I trust with this change you will be able to continue using my arrangements with your bell choir to enhance your congregation’s worship of our Lord God!  To Him be the glory!!

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