New entries on Links to Other Sites

I recently learned about This a great site where you can buy copies of used music that other choirs no longer want in their library. And if you need to clean out your choir’s library, here’s a great way to do that and extend the life of that music – sell it on this site. I visited the site today; most of the music is for vocal choirs, but there is some for handbell choirs.

March 9 was the date for Spring Ring here in Bakersfield, California. It was the tenth annual event hosted by St. John’s Lutheran Church. And it was fantastic -eight choirs from various churches ringing in mass! There was also a soloist who shared her music and the story of her music ministry in hospice hospitals. Betty J. Price, choirchime soloist, has a passion for sharing calming, uplifting music with those who are under hospice care and their families. She has arranged more than 100 songs; many of them have solo, duet and trio variations; and the sheet music is available for purchase from her website.

So today I updated my Links to Other Sites page adding both Sing It Anew’s and Betty J. Price’s websites.

I hope these sites are useful to you.

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